Seasonal Bookings Management

How to Utilise Seasonal Bookings Management

Booking Live software is perfect for seasonal businesses as it comes loaded with a whole host of great automation tools. Running a seasonal business has never been so easy!

Switch Products On and Off

Rather than having to delete and recreate products at different times of the year, Booking Live enables businesses with the ability to simply turn them on or off.

If set as ‘On’ the products will be bookable and visible on your website, if set as ‘Off’ they won’t be bookable via your website.

seasonal bookings management status

Set Publish and Un-publish Dates and Times on Events

As well as being able to set up events with start dates and times and end dates and times, it is possible to schedule publish and un-publish date and times. This means that you can set events to automatically un-publish from your website on specific dates and at specific times. So if you are running boat tours which only take place during the summer months, when you are creating tour dates you can set them to stop being bookable at the end of the summer period.

Not only is this feature useful in terms of seasonal bookings management, but it is also useful for businesses who manage promotional events that only run for a certain length of time e.g. over the Christmas break. In this scenario users could simply set the event up so it is bookable between the dates of their choice e.g. December 1st and December 25th.

seasonal bookings management events

Seasonal Bookings Management Calendar

With Booking Live’s online booking software, businesses can get a quick overview of their bookable events on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This makes it easier than ever to manage events which run throughout the year.

Dates which have scheduled events taking place are highlighted in yellow, so users can add, edit and remove any dates as they see fit quickly and efficiently.

seasonal bookings management

Booking Live software can help you to run your seasonal business with ease, to find out how sign-up for a free demo of contact us today.


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Based amidst the UK’s second largest tech cluster, Booking Live are at the forefront of pioneering software design. Specialising in the provision of online booking systems, we work with a variety of clients, from party organisers to international activity centres. Working alongside our team of experts, you will learn more about the technology industry, our clients’ industries and yourself.

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Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year

Here at Booking Live Software, we have worked with over 200 enterprise clients. A large proportion of those clients are based in the public sector, from divisions such as local councils to the NHS. Due to our expertise within the public sector, this year we reached official public sector supplier status via the G-Cloud.

Alongside all our achievements, we are especially delighted to announce that we have been nominated for ‘Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year’. As Digital Leaders, we are honoured to have been considered for this award. It is getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the large volume of other excellent public sector suppliers, but we are confident that we have what it takes to hold the title of ‘Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year’.

DL100, the organisation who are hosting the awards, describe the Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year category below:

‘The Digital Transformation of Public Services in the UK remains a key part of the modernisation of Public Services from Central and Local Government; to Health and blue light services. This award is for a public sector product or service that has shown an innovative approach during the last year that has seen measurable impact and outcomes.’

Over the past year here at Booking Live Software, we have developed and launched Booking Live V3. Through expert features such as mobile responsiveness and financial reconciliation, V3 has propelled our public sector clients into the 21st century to ensure they’re meeting the public’s needs. We have made it easier than ever for the public to access services such as booking their children on to holiday clubs, booking first aid courses and booking sports pitches. We have also made it easier for public sector bodies to generate additional revenue, through our secure and trusted booking and payment systems.

If you want to find out more about our nomination as Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year, head to the Digital Leaders website or contact us.

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